Advisor Feedback


This page is to be filled out by an Advisor Reviewer.

πŸ“š Content Feedback:

  • This is an amazing presentation! Although I don't know a ton about mushrooms, I have listened to the Joe Rogan podcast with Paul Stamets and so a good deal of this I had at least generally heard of.
  • One of the things that I was most impressed about was the range of information you covered. I appreciated that you not only went into specific mushrooms, but also things like how they impact the environment around them, what they eat, and even which ones and how humans can eat them!
  • I was very impressed by the connections that you made throughout your presentation. From the beginning, you connected to the readers' (possibly) preconceived notions, got them excited, and then teach them more.

✨Further Learning:

  • One way that this presentation could be improved is through citations. By adding citations to your presentation, your audience would be more easily inclined to believe all your content – which could be especially useful when you're presenting something like all of the things that mushrooms can do which may be unfamiliar to them.

β˜‘οΈ Action Items:

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