Sound Systems

Sound Systems

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Idea Generation
Guiding Question

Share a v1 draft of your work product 👇

Post a link or embed a file of your v1 work product below. You will share this early draft with your housemates at checkpoint to get their feedback.

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Write down your feedback 👇

Write down bullet points of 2 pieces of feedback you received on your v1 project from your housemates or someone else you shared your draft with (this could be an expert, mentor, family member, etc).
  • "You should script it and practice the script so that you are not stuttering"
  • Include stuff about mid range speakers use microphone to demonstrate your preamplifier and amplifier together
  • Show diagram of amplifier

What is your plan to make these changes?

How will you iterate your v1 draft before sharing your final project with your audience?
  • Practice going through so that I stutter less
  • Re-recorded video of amplifier

Share your final work product below:

Show us pictures, presentations, or anything else you made for this project!

Show evidence that you shared your work product with your intended audience 👇

Embed a screenshot below that shows where you shared your work product.


Faculty: Review


This project was well-thought out and brilliantly executed. I would usually provide feedback on how you could have extended it, but you have included all elements in your presentation including explanations of scientific concepts, diagrams and a working prototype demonstration.

You will be leveled up in Newton's 1st and 3rd Laws, Wave Characteristics, Waves and Particles, brainstorming, prototyping, and electromagnetism.

Excellent work!!!! 🙂