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Show us pictures, presentations, or anything else you made for this project!

What are some of the most interesting discoveries you've made working on this project?

Did you spark a new interest? Perhaps you realized that you didn't like this field after all. Just tell us what you discovered about yourself through this project!

Next.js is THE BEST and easiest JS library because it is accelerated and has many features for great plugin installments.

I work best when I am explaining what I am learning.

What blockers got in the way of your progress?


A blocker is a challenge or issue that is stopping your from completing your deliverables.

Just some small bugs, but I didn't stop working until I was finished and had deployed the project.

What extra resources would be helpful for this project in the future?


Is there a particularly helpful book, website, person, or resource that would be helpful, or you will require to continue this project?

None! Google has them when it comes to code :D

Rose, Bud, Thorn.


🌹What did you enjoy most about this project? 🥀What didn't go well in this project? 🌱What will you do differently next time?

🌹: Creating it

🥀: Careless bug errors

🌱: I'll be able to make a next.js site better, faster!

Checkpoint 5: Review

This checkpoint is being reviewed by [enter name of QR partner here].

asked for feedback and iterated based upon feedback
included final work product
explained how you applied the Sora Skills
completed the rest of reflection project page

Faculty Feedback

This checkpoint is being reviewed by Jasmine

📚 Content Feedback:

  • I'm impressed that you chose to not use a pre-existing blog site to implement your virtual notebook idea, but to also create your own site Snigda! This will be great practice your Javascript and CSS coding abilities
  • In terms of the layout and style, your site gives me Notion vibes. Intentional?
  • I also appreciated the reflection page you did explaining your project and why you made it, it was a good insight into your thought-process and inspiration
  • Not only the coding, but in general this sounds like an awesome long-term project and opportunity to simplify more complex topics! Looking forward to seeing this develop!

✨Further Learning:

  • It looks like you're still building out your different pages for Economics, Statistics, and Physics, I'm curious if you've set out deadlines or made a plan for yourself to put out MVPs for these?

☑️ Action Items:

  • Please be sure to still fill out this reflection page!
  • Also tag which skills you applied as you build the pages out (+ when you do, DM me so I can level you up!) Here are the major reflections:
    Virtual Notebook

Skills: Design / Creation. Javascript + CSS. Programming. Open-Source. Code. Accountability. Management?

@Jasmine Amian (see above!)