Virtual Notebook

Virtual Notebook

What is it?

  • A virtual notebook (can be considered a static blog) in where I share what I am explaining concepts I learn in my classes as I learn. It's created with Next.js, Tailwind.css, and deployed on Vercel.

Link to project?

Why did you make this?

  • I really like learning stuff and explaining it well to others. I did it to my mom a lot when she had time to listen to me when I was younger. Sadly, she does not have the bandwidth to listen anymore. And so I figured, what if I explain the concepts I am learning online? Even though random people could or could not read it — there’s still some chance. And, if I explain it online, I will have to fully articulate my thoughts on the topic too. Just explain things that I’m learning as a reward to finish learning something. I'm taking advantage of my psychology and what motivates me to use this sort of route instead. So, I am trying to explain topics from the AP material I learn in my notebook so I can motivate myself to actually do it.

What did it take to make it?

  • Creating the notebook mandated technical knowledge of Next.js and Tailwind.css -- it took me about 10 hrs to make t on VSCode and then I deployed it on Vercel. Here's the source code: