ML course pt. 4

What's the name of the online course you're taking?

  • ZTM ML Course

What can you reasonably accomplish by the end of this project cycle?

  • Create the Milestone 1 Project

What will you create as a demonstration of your progress?

  • Milestone Project 1: Supervised Learning (Classification)

What do you wish to get out of taking this course?

  • Becoming an ML master

Embed your Work Product Here šŸ‘‡šŸ½


Reflect on this project cycle by answering the questions below.

The act of reflecting allows us to pull out the big takeaways that we'd like to remember from this project to make recalling them easier.

What are some of the most interesting discoveries you've made working on this project?

Tell us what you discovered about yourself through this project!

What extra resources would be helpful for this project in the future?

helpful books, websites, people, or resources

šŸŒ¹ What did you enjoy most about this project? šŸ„€ What didn't go well in this project? šŸŒ± What will you do differently next time?



Use the pages below "QR Partner Feedback" and "Faculty Feedback" to find places for improvement.

Copy of QR Partner Peer Feedback
Copy of Advisor Feedback