ML Course pt. 3

What's the name of the online course you're taking?

  • Complete Machine Learning and Data Science: Zero to Mastery

What can you reasonably accomplish by the end of this project cycle?

  • Start on "setting up your data sci environment" and reaching up to half of Matplot lib section

Tier 1: Share notes of everything I'm learning in Python 2 and how they work Tier 2: Add Repl exercises to the GitHub link to add more depth Tier 3: Create a personality prediction model to take it a step further and apply it in a project setting

What will you create as a demonstration of your progress?

  • I can link the Data Structure exercises and links to the repls along with the GitHub repo in which I'm taking notes

What do you wish to get out of taking this course?

  • Mastering ML and using it as a tool to create cool automations

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I wounded up making enough progress to finish setting up DS environment, panda analysis, and numpy. I started on Matplot lib and will next move on to sci kit learn. Here's my GitHub repository with the updated exercises / code that's been written.