Maintaining Hydroponic system

Idea Generation

What is this project about?

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Maintaining a hydroponic system

What do you want to get out of this project?


creating clean semi self sustained hydroponic Ecosystem

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Guiding Question

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Why do people eat popcorn at the movies?

How do you create a semi self sustainable self cleaning aquaponics system


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Went to multiple pet stores

Researched micro greens

Researched micro ecosystem


What will it take for you to complete this project?

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Work Product Deliverables

Work Product due
March 5, 2021

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Mini hydroponic system

Work Product

Was your project deep?


Reflect on this project cycle by answering the questions below.

The act of reflecting allows you to highlight the accomplishments and applications of your project. (questions courtesy of Powderhouse Studios)

Was your project meaningful?

I learned about ecosystems and all the tiny factors that make them work.

Was your project ambitious?

It was an ambitious project for a three week period. I came across some problems setting up a proper ecosystem. As well as issues with growing my seeds.

Was your project deep?

I created a successful mini ecosystem/farm able micro green garden.


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