Idea Generation

What is this project about?

Looking for more support narrowing down your idea? Try using the idea matrix on this page.

In this project I am going to be creating a boxing based workout regimen.

What do you want to get out of this project?

In this project I want to bring my creative side out and maybe have a new regimen for the boxing gym.
FEEDBACK: Knowledge, this sounds like a super interesting project. However, I'd like to better understand what you want to get out of this project. For example, how will you use your "creative side" in this project? What skills do you want to develop? How will this project add to your daily life (as in, do you plan to use this regimen yourself)?

where did the skills go? we are taking skills out of the idea generation process, in an attempt to make projects more career-focused. If you want to get leveled-up for a project, share it with the appropriate guide or faculty member for feedback upon completion.

Guiding Question

Turn your idea above into a guiding question.

Check out some resources on how to write a guiding question here.

What are the best exercises for boxing?
FEEDBACK: This is a great first draft of your guiding question! In further revisions you'll want to focus on making it more specific. Imagine that your guiding question should provide any random person who has no idea what your project is about with all of the information they'd need to understand what you're trying to understand. So, in order to make it more specific you can ask yourself questions and use the answers to make a more specific guiding question. For example, are you trying to learn the best boxing exercises for a beginner boxer or someone who is really advanced? Are you trying to learn the best exercises for conditioning for boxing or for practicing the moves? Is there a specific goal you want to meet and a timeframe that you need to meet it in? And, of course, tons more questions like these!


What will it take for you to complete this project?

Use the table below to set your own timeline for deliverables, keep in mind when your final work product is due at the end of the cycle.

Keep in mind that this project cycle runs six weeks in total, as opposed to the typical four weeks.

Work Product Deliverables

Start notion page
May 5, 2021
start research on topic and take notes
Start project
Finish project
Final Work Product + Notion Page Due
May 21, 2021
Last Day of Project Cycle
May 28, 2021
FEEDBACK: The purpose of the Work Product Deliverables is for you to think through the entirety of your project in depth so you can identify all of stages that you'll need to complete. For example, "Start project" is far too generic as it does not tell me what you're aiming to accomplish in specifics. Please revise your Work Product Deliverables so that they identify specific goals you'll need to accomplish on your way to your final work product.


Use this space to take notes, keep track of your sources, or conversations you have with people about this project.

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How do I embed my work product on notion?

Click below where it says "Untitled" this will open a new page with an embed block. You can click on this embed block to upload a file or link from your computer. You might also choose to create your project write on that untitled page itself.

Add a short description and cover photo

At the top of this page, you'll see a field where you can write a short description of what this project is about. if you hover over the title, you'll also see a place where you can "add cover". Pick a photo that captures the main idea of your project.

Work Product

In-Track Reflection 05/20/2021

Self-Scored Project Rubric


Reflect on this project cycle by answering the questions below.

The act of reflecting allows you to highlight the accomplishments and applications of your project. (questions courtesy of Powderhouse Studios)

Was your project meaningful?

Did this project matter? In what ways did it further your knowledge, force you to grow, or provide something useful?

Was your project ambitious?

Given what you already know, did this project challenge you in meaningful ways?

Was your project deep?

Did your project engage with powerful ideas or tools? Additionally, did you engage with the material in a deep sense (i.e. did you develop ownership over the ideas or tools)? Can you utilize these skills independently now?


Use the pages below "QR Partner Feedback" and "Faculty Feedback" to find places for improvement.

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Advisor Feedback

Coming up with an Idea
What is a guiding question?