Knives Out Movie Analysis - Miriam Donovan

Idea Generation

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I want to analyze the movie "Knives Out" and its script to better understand why certain things are done in films to make a viewer feel something (get a specific message across). Everything serves a purpose. It's not just lines being said there's a whole world behind them that's carefully developed. The little details such as the music chosen for a scene, where characters are standing in a room, and what color clothes are worn make such an impact on a movie.

What do you want to get out of this project?

I want to learn more about psychology, acting, and film-making. My final product will be a video essay.

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What is the psychology and intention behind the decisions made when creating a movie? How a perfect "modern-day whodunit" mystery is made.


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  • Knives Out by Rian Johnson - creating the perfect mystery movie, keeping the viewer guessing (who did it?)
  • follows the writing style of British crime writer Agatha Christie - same feel of her books
  • camera angles, music, wording, clothes, props, symbolism

Taking Notes Here:

Extending my project:

I did not manage to finish my project during this cycle as I planned. I had a good foundation and idea for my project but it lacked structure and proper planning. I should have created very specific/smaller short-term goals and a more clearly defined final product. This way could've also realized sooner how much deeper this project would be and how long the research would take. Procrastinating also played a very big part in my not completing the project. I really need to work on time management and making the most of even the couple minutes I have between meetings for example.

New Plan:

I really want to continue this project, but I'm taking a break from projects for the next cycle so I'll continue the cycle after.


What will it take for you to complete this project?

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Work Product Deliverables

Watch the movie and take notes by
March 15, 2021
Rewatch movie if needed
March 18, 2021
March 23, 2021
March 25, 2021
Work Product due
March 5, 2021

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I've been interested in cinematography for a while but this project has made me consider even more aspects of movie-making and I have a much deeper appreciation now for the amount of work it takes to

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