Jaxon Fire Pit

Jaxon Fire Pit

Previous project phases:

Idea Generation
Guiding Question

Checkpoint 4:

Share a v1 draft of your work product 👇


Post a link or embed a file of your v1 work product below. You will share this early draft with your housemates at checkpoint to get their feedback.

[paste link or embed file]

Write down your feedback 👇


Write down bullet points of 2 pieces of feedback you rec8eived on your v1 project from your housemates or someone else you shared your draft with (this could be an expert, mentor, family member, etc).

  • One of my classmates said that it looks good
  • feedback 2 I like it, the shape is unusual, but I suspect that it will work well even so (or perhaps even better due to the design). I think cleaning it will be an issue, but as a whole it seem to be quite well put together

What is your plan to make these changes?


How will you iterate your v1 draft before sharing your final project with your audience?

  • change 1 I can make a ash scooper
  • change 2 I Can then change the size of the Layout

Share your final work product below:


Show us pictures, presentations, or anything else you made for this project!

[links to final work product go here]

Show evidence that you shared your work product with your intended audience 👇


Embed a screenshot below that shows where you shared your work product.


Checkpoint 4: Review

This checkpoint is being reviewed by Adrian Winkler.

shared v1 draft of work product during checkpoint
documented feedback
iterated based upon feedback
included final work product
evidence of sharing final work product