Izzy Cat Genes

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Idea Generation
Guiding Question

Share a v1 draft of your work product 👇

Post a link or embed a file of your v1 work product below. You will share this early draft with your housemates at checkpoint to get their feedback.

Write down your feedback 👇

Write down bullet points of 2 pieces of feedback you received on your v1 project from your housemates or someone else you shared your draft with (this could be an expert, mentor, family member, etc).
  • feedback 1
  • feedback 2

What is your plan to make these changes?

How will you iterate your v1 draft before sharing your final project with your audience?
  • change 1 correct spelling
  • change 2 correct gramar


  1. skill 1 genetics
  2. skill 2 habbit formation
  3. skill 3 siting soarces
  4. skill 4 reasearch

Faculty: Review

This checkpoint is being reviewed by Jasmine

✨Further Learning:

✍ Writing

  • Izzy, this is a good first draft. For your next project, be sure to have someone else (whether it be a parent, mentor, friend) review it and get feedback before submitting it.
  • I noticed how you listed your sources at the end. This is a good start, for the next draft it would strengthen your argument to cite in your essay which articles you got your facts from.
  • Run the "Spelling and Grammar Check" tool on your draft
  • Introduction: It sounds like what originally interested you in this topic was your own pet cats. Be sure to introduce the reader to what your overall topic is about in the intro.
  • How to Write a Good Conclusion

📚 Content Feedback:

  • The research you did on polygenes as it relates to cats is super interesting!
  • As someone who doesn’t know a lot about cats, I was confused at first by what you said about how the color patterns only occur on the X chromosome. I was curious why you mentioned that since I assume that normally every cat has at least one X chromosome. You made me curious, so I did some research to find out that calicos are distinctive for their tri-coloredness, and then I understood why calicos are mostly female since they have 2 X chromosomes to display multiple colors. I think you could make this more clear in connecting the dots for the reader.
  • I was also wondering what led you to this conclusion: “it's actually more likely that fur color is determined by attitude, not vise versa.” I think this can be an opportunity for you to provide a further explanation or cite sources on this claim.
  • I think the question you posed about autism in cats is an interesting one
  • Overall I think you did a good job in synthesizing your research into your own words

☑️ Action Items:

  • Check out the informative writing and concise writing async level ups in Canvas.
  • Provide further explanation and sources on your claim “it’s actually more likely that fur color is determined by attitude, not vise versa”
  • Justification for why you should be leveled up in Habit Formation
  • Set up a 1:1 with Jasmine to talk through feedback