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Having a Linux server on my home internet network run from a cluster of Raspberry Pi

What do you want to get out of this project?

A server I can use to hold files and host game lobbies

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How can I set up a server at home?


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Jan 18: After doing some research, I found a GitHub guide where someone actually got a cluster server running over K3S and Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi. I'm using this as a guide to setup, and I also have a stand I'm 3D printing for the Pi cluster.


Jan 20: Re-printed the enclosure in because previous one wasn't a clean build, realized that at least 1 SD card needed to be ordered.

Jan 22: Contacted Sora faculty about ordering a new SD card, successfully ordered and invoiced the card

Jan 23: Raspberry Pi OS installed on two Pis, waiting for SD card for 3rd Pi

Jan 24: 3rd SD card arrived, but video issues with two existing Pis resulted in a delay in installing Raspberry Pi OS

Jan 25: All Pis have an OS and boot, updated one of them

Jan 26: After being recommended using SSH to control the Pis, I successfully got SSH set up on one of the Pis. Kubernetes setup did not go as well, repeatedly giving me a error receiving processing commands.



What will it take for you to complete this project?

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Work Product Deliverables

Project feasibility and materials research
January 18, 2021
Kubernetes running
January 24, 2021
Functional server
January 29, 2021

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Reflect on this project cycle by answering the questions below.

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What are some of the most interesting discoveries you've made working on this project?

I found out that this was ultimately much more complicated than I imagined, but even in failure I learned more than I expected.

What extra resources would be helpful for this project in the future?

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šŸŒ¹ What did you enjoy most about this project? šŸ„€ What didn't go well in this project? šŸŒ± What will you do differently next time?

I enjoyed learning about the terminal and command lines. It's a fast way to get around a computer.
I kept encountering errors with K3S, which meant I wasn't able to finish my original project
Next time I will try to get hands on as early as possible to maximize troubleshooting time


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