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What is this project about?

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In this project, I will investigate the true source of gravity. I will dive into an objects gravitational field, how acceleration and mass relates to gravity, and some of the properties of gravity. However, my main question remains somewhat philosophical. "What is the "Truest" thing we call "Gravity." Why do larger massed objects emit more gravity? Why can't a smaller object emit more gravity? For other forces like a push or pull, we know its direct cause. Yet why is mass a factor in gravity? Could gravity be some sort of magnetism? And if so what magnetism has the ability to bend light? How come space itself doesn't have gravity? (Most likely cause it is absent of matter) but why does matter itself give off gravity? Does is relate to black matter? Do any other factors besides mass affect gravity? I will look into black holes as well. In summary, I am attempting to identify a particle of gravity. (Graviton) I will present this information in a powerpoint, but I am not sure how long or how many sources I need. Simply, enough to satisfy my question.

What do you want to get out of this project?

I want to investigate the true nature behind gravity, use scientific and analytic research to form hypothesis to come to a conclusion.

where did the skills go? we are taking skills out of the idea generation process, in an attempt to make projects more career-focused. If you want to get leveled-up for a project, share it with the appropriate guide or faculty member for feedback upon completion.

Guiding Question

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What is gravity? Why does mass effect gravity? Is there a "Truer" piece of gravity that we're missing?


What will it take for you to complete this project?

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Keep in mind that this project cycle runs six weeks in total, as opposed to the typical four weeks.

Work Product Deliverables

Complete notion page
May 4, 2021
Study different sources
May 6, 2021 → May 13, 2021
Research completed + base hypothesis started
May 13, 2021
Talk with Michael & Carolyn
May 14, 2021 → May 14, 2021
Formulate final hypothesis
May 17, 2021
Presentation completed including my hypothesis and information displayed in a powerpoint+ Notion Page Done
May 21, 2021
Present in coffee house sometime this week
May 24, 2021 → May 28, 2021


Use this space to take notes, keep track of your sources, or conversations you have with people about this project.

Gravitational waves were detected in 2016, proving Einstein's theory of general relativity. Supposedly, the movement of a massive object causes these waves, but why? How does matter produce a magnetic like force of attraction?

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Work Product

In-Track Reflection 05/20/2021

Project Rubric

Key knowledge, understanding, and success skills [Idea Generation]
Challenging Guiding Question or Problem
Sustained Inquiry [Exploration]
Authenticity [Production]
Critique & Revision [Feedback]
Product Deliverable [Work Product/Presentation]
Content/Principle(s) Application


Reflect on this project cycle by answering the questions below.

The act of reflecting allows you to highlight the accomplishments and applications of your project. (questions courtesy of Powderhouse Studios)

Was your project meaningful?

Did this project matter? In what ways did it further your knowledge, force you to grow, or provide something useful?

Yes, it invoked critical thinking skills and resource analysis to formulate a sound hypothesis. I had to understand the information on a level 4 so I can successfully present/teach it.

Was your project ambitious?

Given what you already know, did this project challenge you in meaningful ways?

Yes, it tested my ability to analyze multimedia to present information on a relatively complicated topic in a easy to understand manner.

Was your project deep?

Did your project engage with powerful ideas or tools? Additionally, did you engage with the material in a deep sense (i.e. did you develop ownership over the ideas or tools)? Can you utilize these skills independently now?

Yes it was deep, since I had to create penetrating questions which could bring me closer to the source of gravity. I also formulated my own hypothesis on what I think is the most “True” aspect of gravity. I can utilize question - making skills and hypothesizing skills in my future projects and endeavors.


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