Designing a school

Designing a school

Idea Generation

What is this project about?

Looking for more support narrowing down your idea? Try using the idea matrix on this page.

I'll be designing a school with my friend, Emily. I chose it because it will be fun to work as a team, but also because it will allow me to gain life skills (working with a team), Science (study of plants being used in the school), and Math.

What do you want to get out of this project?

I want to create a project I'll be proud of. I also want to accomplish the goals that Emily, my "client", has for her project. I am also hoping to level up on several skills.

where did the skills go? we are taking skills out of the idea generation process, in an attempt to make projects more career-focused. If you want to get leveled-up for a project, share it with the appropriate guide or faculty member for feedback upon completion.

Guiding Question

Turn your idea above into a guiding question.

Check out some resources on how to write a guiding question here.

How can great design improve a child's educational experience?


Use this space to take notes, keep track of your sources, or conversations you have with people about this project.


What will it take for you to complete this project?

Use the table below to set your own timeline for deliverables, keep in mind when your final work product is due at the end of the cycle.

Work Product Deliverables

project planning
February 12, 2021
design the school
February 19, 2021
work on presentation and google sides
March 3, 2021
Work Product due
March 5, 2021

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Work Product


Reflect on this project cycle by answering the questions below.

The act of reflecting allows us to pull out the big takeaways that we'd like to remember from this project to make recalling them easier.

What are some of the most interesting discoveries you've made working on this project?

I learned a lot about working with a client in this project. I also learned a lot about photosynthesis, energy transfer in ecosystem, food becoming energy, and circle properties, shape properties.

What extra resources would be helpful for this project in the future?

It may have been helpful to interview students who would be using these classrooms.

🌹 What did you enjoy most about this project? 🥀 What didn't go well in this project? 🌱 What will you do differently next time?

I always the design part. Designing the school was my favorite part.
I had two presentations planned at the end of the cycle. The first was for the Design Track meeting. I only had five minutes to present, and it didn’t go as well as I hoped. Luckily, I had a longer presentation the next day, and I was able to fix many of the problems (Zoom screen sharing ,etc) and have more time to cover my project.
I learned a lot about presenting after fixing my first presentation. I will use the things I learned in the future.


Use the pages below "QR Partner Feedback" and "Faculty Feedback" to find places for improvement.

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