Climate Change Mitigation in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Climate Change Mitigation in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Idea Generation

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Sustainability, Nature, Climate change, Biodiversity, Conservation efforts, Cloud forest biology, Monteverde Costa Rica.

What do you want to get out of this project?

I want to gain a better understanding about the ecosystem around me, how it's been affected by climate change, and the efforts to counteract and mitigate those effects.

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How has CIEE's Monteverde campus been affected by climate change and what are they doing to combat it?


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outline: research notes
4 current GAP student projects in climate change mitigation: overviews & interviews


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Work Product Deliverables

interview dr. karen masters & GAP year students
March 1, 2021
finish research + notes
March 2, 2021
finish powerpoint
March 3, 2021
in-class presentation
March 4, 2021
complete project reflection: final project due
March 5, 2021


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Work Product

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Was your project meaningful?

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Yes! I am very passionate about protecting and exploring this earth. This project deepened my knowledge of where I am (CIEE's Monteverde campus), how it's been affected by climate change, and what small, yet impactful, steps people here have been taking to combat that. In addition to that, it forced me to think critically about what additional actions can be done in order to preserve the incredible biodiversity here; the clock is ticking, and soon many rare species of plants and animals here will unfortunately go extinct.

Was your project ambitious?

Given what you already know, did this project challenge you in meaningful ways?

Yes. This project challenged me to be a more conscious, educated traveler when it comes to the places I visit. It also forced me to face my own eco-anxiety about the state of climate change while also keeping hope alive with the small, tangible steps that are being taken and will be taken in the future to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Was your project deep?

Did you project engage with powerful ideas or tools? Additionally, did you engage with the material in a deep sense (i.e. did you develop ownership over the ideas or tools)? Can you utilize these skills independently now?

Yes. I've learned that the gravity and urgency of this issue can cause me to freeze up because it feels too big to tackle, but breaking it down into smaller pieces and problem-solving with baby steps makes it feel more like we can make a difference in this world. (For example, even though I can't save all the declining populations of frogs in Monteverde, I can participate in engineering artificial frog ponds here on campus to help at least a few frogs continue growing and procreating.) So, by knowing what is going on with climate change in this area, I can then take ownership of what I've learned and brainstorm new ideas to contribute to mitigating the negative effects. Also, I was challenged with making an accessible and aesthetically pleasing powerpoint presentation to help spread the word. In addition, I interviewed Dr. Karen Masters and three of the gap year students (Skye Curren, Kait Biggs, & Mercedes Escandon) about their current efforts with sustainability on campus, which has helped me further develop my interviewing and journalism skills.


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