Church and State

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The battle between secular and divine rule has been one that has been waged since the first conception of their respective fields, with many changes in influence occurring throughout the ages. It has been waged in all places, but perhaps never more so than in the hearts, minds, and souls of the population that is being fought over. Despite the longevity of this war, there have been turning points, important people, places, and events that turned the tides of the struggle in one direction, or another, and, occasionally, flipped the board over and wrote a new set of rules. Even in these modern times, it is still a factor that affects daily life, be it by helping shape populations opinions, or even altering governments, and by its very nature, it is doubtful it will ever not be a part of life in one way or another.

Important events to mention:

  • How the Holy Roman Emperor was chosen
  • The difference of power between East and West Christian Churches
    • Explain Caesaropapism
  • Explain the background behind the 95 Theses by Martin Luther
    • Mention and explain the Diet of Worms
  • Explain the events that led to the Reformation and what its results were
  • Discuss the events leading to the and the consequences of the establishment of the Church of England
  • Mention the Spanish Inquisition/Any other inquisitorial organizations like it
  • Discuss the Crusades
    • Also be sure to mention the Reconquista of Spain

More events may be added as time goes on, this is not a complete list


  1. Social Studies: Several European History Skills
  2. Communication: Informative Writing or Concise Writing
  3. Communication: Analytical Reading
  4. Life Skill: Punctuality

Faculty: Review

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