Caleb 3D rockets

Caleb 3D rockets

Previous project phases:

Project Launch
Final Product + Reflection

Share a v1 draft of your work product 👇


Post a link or embed a file of your v1 work product below. You will share this early draft with your housemates at checkpoint to get their feedback.

space ship.stl102.0KB

Write down your feedback 👇


Write down bullet points of 2 pieces of feedback you received on your v1 project from your housemates or someone else you shared your draft with (this could be an expert, mentor, family member, etc).

  • feedback 1 use components to help mirror the model


  1. skill 1 brainstorming
  2. skill 2 Polishing
  3. skill 3 aerodynamics newton's laws
  4. skill 4 Prototyping

Faculty: Review


You did an excellent job with the 3D modeling software. Is this the first time that you used sketchup and were you able to 3D print?

What I need to see further:

Engineering Brief (much like the one we used in Coastal Engineering). It does not have to be in a slide show format. It could just be a pdf document answering all of the questions that were posed. How did your research relate or apply Newton's laws.