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How do I make a decent design in CAD

What do you want to get out of this project?


The ability to use CAD to make lots of other projects

where did the skills go? we are taking skills out of the idea generation process, in an attempt to make projects more career-focused. If you want to get leveled-up for a project, share it with the appropriate guide or faculty member for feedback upon completion.

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How do I use CAD to make a full product design


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my learning course

1st pic: I learned how to extrude cut, and how to operate the property manager, and revolve duplicate around an axis

2nd pic: I learned how to mirror, and I leaned how to fillet better

3rd pic: I learned how to shell, and color

4th pic: I learned how to assemble parts ,and align parts

1st pic: I learned how and when to use revolve extrude

2nd pic: I made the inside rotator cylinder, learned how to made proportional holes in cylinder by making a rectangle on the axis and extrude cutting all the way through on both sides

3rd pic: made the magnets that will be inside the inner rotating bar, I made them by making a cylinder and extruding 2 rectangles out on both ends like I did with the 2nd pick but base extrude not cut extrude, and then I cut the top and bottom off with circular extrude cuts, then I mirrored it all

4th pic: same as 2nd pick just larger dimensions and will fit perfectly over the bar

5th pic: same as the inner magnets will just fit inside the outer rotator

6th pic: is the full assembly from the the cut front

7th pic: bar assembly from the side

when the user rotates the outside handle, the inner bar will also rotate, the inner bar will be threaded and it will rotate out another threaded thick bar in the middle of the entire assembly.


What will it take for you to complete this project?

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Work Product Deliverables

Learn different componants of CAD
complete learning course
Full product integrated into CAD
March 4, 2021

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