Beren Screams in Horror Films

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Project Launch
Final Product + Reflection

Share a v1 draft of your work product 👇

Post a link or embed a file of your v1 work product below. You will share this early draft with your housemates at checkpoint to get their feedback.


Write down your feedback 👇

Write down bullet points of 2 pieces of feedback you received on your v1 project from your housemates or someone else you shared your draft with (this could be an expert, mentor, family member, etc).
  • your lacking happy death day
  • this is too many movie

What is your plan to make these changes?

How will you iterate your v1 draft before sharing your final project with your audience?
  • limit selection to 2 good and 2 bad movies per decade
  • watch the movies, in the dark, and record my response, it's funnier that way

Share your final work product below:

Show us pictures, presentations, or anything else you made for this project!

note: i still have to record things and recording data, this is a very basic thing so far

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  1. researching ability
  2. informative writing
  3. Aesthetics
  4. argumentation

Checkpoint 4: Review

Beren, this list is interesting