Idea Generation

Checkpoint 1:

Generate at least 3 project ideas

List 3 topics you're interested in exploring more deeply. You're going to be spending the next two weeks working on this project, so make it something you're curious about. For example: I want to understand how rock music affects the brain.
  1. Formulations course

Evaluate your ideas

Now that you've brainstormed some ideas you're interested in exploring, you're going to converge on one idea to explore for this project. List the ideas you came up with above in the first column below and determine if each idea meets specific criteria: - useful: does it solve a real problem? - skill-aligned: are there Sora skills that could be applied to this idea? - feasible: is the idea doable within the timeframe? - appealing: is the idea something you're really curious about?

Idea Matrix

idea 1
idea 2
idea 3

Final Idea

Write below the idea that meets the most criteria above (has the most green yes marks) and that will be the idea you will focus on for the rest of this project cycle.

Write your final idea here. Formulations course

Checkpoint 1: Review

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Generate 3 ideas
Final idea is useful, skill-aligned, feasible, and appealing