Final Product + Reflection

Checkpoint 2:

Share your final work product below:

Show us pictures, presentations, or anything else you made for this project! I made a strawberry cheesecake!

[links to final work product go here]


What did you learn about yourself from this project?

Did you spark a new interest? Perhaps you realized that you didn't like this field after all. Just tell us what you discovered about yourself through this project!

I learned that I can make cakes that I never thought I could make so good.

What did you learn academically from this project?

Take the skills you aligned to this project and show us how you applied them. Was there anything else you learned along the way? I learned in some cakes you have to use different percentages and ounces. I also learned that making cakes takes a lot of effort and a lot of focus.

Skills Leveled-Up

Skill NameWhy
The reason why I think that I think I should be leveled up for this skill is because numbers are used a lot in baking ingredents have numbers on them tea spoons and cups and other measurements.
The reason why I should get leveled up for this is percents are used a lot when baking the ingerdents have a bunch of percents on the back telling you how much is in the pack of what you buy.
Food becomes energy/science
The reason why I think that I should get leveld up for this is because after you mixed all of your ingerdents together a lot happens to what your baking it starts to bake into one thing and not the liquid ingredents. Their is a lot a bunch of science and chemistry in baking.
Area and volume/math
Their is a bunch of area and volume in baking when it comes to measuring your pan or your cake area and volume comes in the picture.
Motivation/ life skills
When you are baking you have to be motivated to bake you have to put a lot of effort in your baking, you can't be lazy when you are baking cause then your cake or cupcakes are not going to be what you though it was and I put a lot of effort in when I was baking my cake.
Grammar/ communcation
When you are baking and you are reading the ingredents their is a lot of reading cause your ingeredents have some long words on their that you have to read to make sure that you understand it so you can know what you buying for your baking product.
Active listening/ communcation
When you are baking and when you are baking with somebody else it is important to listen so if your doing a tuortrial with somebody on baking you can hear what they are saying so you won't mess up on your baking.
Budgeting/Financial Literacy
Their is a lot of budgeting in baking when you are buying a cake or cupcakes or a cookie from a bakery or a store their is a lot of money and budgeting involved.
Research/ communication
Their is a bunch of research involved with baking you have to research for some different baking ideas and different ingredents.
Brainstorming/ Design and creation
When you are thinking about baking their is a bunch of brainstorming involved you have to think about what you want to bake and what you are interested in baking
Analytical reading/ communication
Analytical reading is very involved in baking when you have a cook book that you have all of your ingredents in it is very imporant to read every single ingredents that you have in their so you won't forget one.

What advice would you give to someone starting a similar project?

Was there a particularly helpful book, website, or resource? Or, perhaps you realized the scope of the project was too large because of an unforeseen constraint. Whatever the advice, give it here! Just follow the directions and go on and make your cake. Also make sure that you are in a good mood you have to be motivated not just to bake you have to be motivated to do any project so it can come out just how you want it to be.

Rose, Bud, Thorn.

🌹What did you enjoy most about this project? 🥀What didn't go well in this project? 🌱What will you do differently next time?

🌹: Making one of my favorite cakes in the whole wide world

🥀: Everything was wonderful

🌱: Next time I will do a totally different cake.

What advice or feedback do you have for the Sora team?

Was there anything particularly cumbersome or challenging this go-around? Any ideas to make projects run smoother for new students? Nothing was challenging about this project. Just take your time and make sure that you follow the directions closely so you won't mess up.

Faculty: Review

This checkpoint is being reviewed by Tara.

📚 Content Feedback:

  • For future baking projects it would be great if you could share more of your active process opposed to just the final picture.
    • some ideas include: recording your session with Miriam on Zoom, creating a "blog post" of pictures and process throughout, or digging into the math or science skills by researching more and explaining what's happening.
  • Thank you for taking the time to justify why you believe you should be leveled up in each of these skills, For the ones marked 'acquired' I'll level you up to a 2.

✨Further Learning:

  • For the rest of your skills on the list, I encourage you to find the async levelups in canvas that correspond and pursue leveling up that way.
  • For the budgeting and other financial literacy aspects of baking, maybe you want to consider a project where you focus on the financial aspects of starting a bakery. Here's one article "How to Budget for a Bakery" that could be a useful starting point.

☑️ Action Items:

  • I'd love to see you go back and do the async level-ups in canvas for the additional skills you listed on this project.
  • I would also encourage you to work on adding more process details to this notion page. What recipe did you use? What proportions of ingredients? Any other details of your process you can document here will be helpful.