Aria Whitney Cloning

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  1. ethics
  2. counciousness ?
  3. gene mutations
  4. evolution

Faculty: Review

This checkpoint is being reviewed by Jasmine

📚 Content Feedback:

  • Your writing has the makings of a well-structured essay, I noticed how you included an introduction, topic sentences, transitions and a conclusion!
  • I am curious what your personal opinion on cloning is.
  • Not sure if I completely understand how cloning affects mentality, can you explain this more?
  • I saw that you reached out to your peers to review your project, could you have a family member review it if your peers are too busy?

✨Further Learning:

  • Are there any sci-fi novels or tv shows that you can connect to your ideas you presented in your essay?
  • What sources did you use, if any?

☑️ Action Items:

  • Check out Concise Writing and Informative Writing async level ups in Canvas
  • Make sure to take the time to reflect on your project
  • I'd like to understand your thought process, could you explain your justification for leveling up on your skills?
  • Provide further explanation and sources on your claim “the process wasn't like they expected, can drastically change the mentality”
  • When you're done, DM me!