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Creating a model car powered by an Arduino

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A basic understanding of how an Arduino works

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Can I create a model car that can drive around powered by an Arduino?
Can I upgrade my existing arduino car to be able to follow a physical path and sense if it will hit something? Tier 1: Overview of sensors used to follow paths and detect obstacles and how they work Tier 2: Putting sensors onto the vehicle and drive it forward until it sees something (without hitting it) Tier 3: Putting sensors onto the vehicle and making it follow a line.


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1/21/21: I spent the last few days learning how to use basic commands on the Arduino while waiting for my two motor control units to arrive. I also have finished assembling the car:


I intend to install the motor control units and the Arduino later today.

1/21/21 2: I've installed the motor control units and gotten everything loosely wired up it's really starting to come together!

1/23/21: I've fully hooked up the Arduino and the motor control unit and I run a couple tests and everything seems to be working excellently. My next step will be to get the pulse wave modulation of throttle system working.

1/25/21: I've gotten the pulse wave modulation system working it appears to be working well and me to control the throttle of the wheels on either side of the vehicle therefore allowing me to do much more precise throttling. The challenge that I had was I couldn't seem to get the slow throttle up working correctly. I think the most likely reason for this is either the batteries don't supply enough voltage or the Arduino is old and needs repairs.

1/26/21: I've gotten a course set up for the car to drive through. On account of it not having any sensors I will be using trial and error to determine a set of instructions which works for the course. I have an as yet to complete the course but I am hopeful.

1/27/21: After another day of testing I have decided to abandon this course on account of some of the surfaces not being entirely predictable. I let makes it very hard to complete the course because the car has no way to self correct and due to the unpredictability of the surface I might place the car in the exact same starting spot and have it go in two completely different directions. I have already laid out a new course and will be attempting this tomorrow. (I will also be taking video this of this one)

1/29/21: I have managed to complete the new course here is the video:

Due to the simplicity and predictability of the course I was able to complete the course using comparatively very few lines of code. I am very happy with how well the car works and I look forward to adding sensors next project.

2/11/21: I've found a users manual for the ultrasound sensor and I am having a hard time understanding all of the language used I intend to ask about this next meeting.

2/17/21: I have installed and run the code for the ultrasound sensor and it appears to be functioning nominally however I am not sure how to use the output (Which is given in centimeters into the delivered into the Serial Monitor) to provide the Arduino with information that I can use to then control the car. I intend to ask about this next meeting

2/22/21: I have accomplished several things today. First of all I have gotten the ultrasound sensor and the Arduino to run on internal power. Secondly I have written code to enable the Arduino to take the data on the ultrasound sensor and tell if it's about to smash into something and if so turn right. I have accomplished this by using an if else loop. Here is the code I used:


2/25/21: I have run into a slight problem where I don't no why I am getting an error. The error is in these statements:


((x + y + z) / 3) = distince;

These statements are part of my new sensory input averaging system.ā€”ā€”ā€”-b6t

And the error code is:

lvalue required as left operand of assignment

I don't know exactly what's gone wrong but I intend to ask about this next meeting


2/25/21 2: I've fixed the air codes but I have not gotten it to work when I run the program the car drives straight into the wall I intend to debug this at a future date


3/2/21: That thing about using functions might come in handy because what I think I was telling you to do was drive straight forward no matter what(I had the wrong set of outputs on the pins). Now it is working and I am very proud with the results it seems to be not running into walls much more reliably than previous version. (Video coming soon)


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Work Product Deliverables

Inventory of Arduino components
January 15, 2021
Learn basic Arduino programming
January 19, 2021
Design circuit and program
January 22, 2021
Assemble car and test
January 25, 2021
Make revisions
January 26, 2021
Complete course!!!
January 28, 2021
Work Product due
January 29, 2021

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Seeing the whole car come together was really rewarding
I spent four hours doing something that I could've guessed wouldn't work within the first 20 minutes
Make sure I have the project planned out well at the start