Checkpoint 3:

What do I need to know to complete this?


What are some things you need to understand, be aware of, or learn to do this project justice? What types of articles should you read, people should you talk to, etc? List 3 resources below that you will use. For example: I need to understand what a nurse's job is like or I need to understand the basics of neuroscience and how the brain works

  1. I need to understand how forges work to heat up the metal
  2. to understand why metal only gets hot at a certain temp.
  3. why metal gets very hard when cooled down rapidly

Define key terms.


As you go through the above resources, use this space to keep track of any key terms you come across that you'd like to remember.

  1. metal
  2. heat
  3. carbon

What does a v1 of your work product look like?


What is an early draft of your work product that you could produce to get feedback from your housemates and mentor? For example: an outline of a short story or a blueprint of a robot you're going to build.

a slideshow of what the metal goes the metal goes through when heated and hammered

What goals and deadlines do you need to set for yourself to get the work product done on time?


List the milestones that need to happen for your work product to be complete by the drop dead date (in Canvas). What dates do you need these milestones completed to hold yourself accountable?

Work Product Deliverables

studying a piece of metal heated/hammered vs not heated
Oct 7, 2020
data collected and start on slideshow
Oct 10, 2020
finished slideshow
Oct 13, 2020

Checkpoint 3: Review

This checkpoint is being reviewed by Jaxon Parker.

identify at least 3 resources to help learn about this topic
defined any key terms related to this topic
determine what your v1 "draft" work product will be
outline deliverable dates for getting your work product done