Advisor Feedback

This page is to be filled out by an Advisor Reviewer.

📚 Content Feedback:

  • Your engagement with the content was impressive, and I especially enjoyed the drawings of the subject that you made.
  • I thought that you did a great job using visuals in your slides to keep the audience engaged and able to keep up, and showed a deep understanding of the content.
  • Your presentation ran over the 3-4 minute mark at 8:33min, and so a couple of run-throughs before presenting could have helped you tighten up your presenting and keep it closer to the ideal time.
  • You did a thorough job addressing your original guiding question, and I especially liked that you shared the questions that you ran into as you did your research and shared the answers that you came to.

✨Further Learning:

☑️ Action Items:

to be completed and shared back with advisor by xx/xx/xxxx