Final Product + Reflection

Checkpoint 2:

Share your final work product below:


Show us pictures, presentations, or anything else you made for this project!

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The Church and the State, Events That Shook the Balance.docx17.7KB

What did you learn about yourself from this project?


Did you spark a new interest? Perhaps you realized that you didn't like this field after all. Just tell us what you discovered about yourself through this project!

It was quite interesting, and I am very glad it is over. It do quite like this subject, but overall I don't think this was the correct medium to use to talk about it.

What did you learn academically from this project?


Take the skills you aligned to this project and show us how you applied them. Was there anything else you learned along the way?

Skills Leveled-Up

Skill NameWhy
Skill 1
Social Studies: Several European History Skills
Skill 2
Communication: Informative Writing
Skill 3
Communication: Concise Writing
Skill 4
Communication: Analytical Reading
Skill 5
Life Skill: Punctuality

What advice would you give to someone starting a similar project?


Was there a particularly helpful book, website, or resource? Or, perhaps you realized the scope of the project was too large because of an unforeseen constraint. Whatever the advice, give it here!

Make this your priority, it will come back to bite you if you try to put it off.

Rose, Bud, Thorn.


🌹What did you enjoy most about this project? 🥀What didn't go well in this project? 🌱What will you do differently next time?

🌹: I quite enjoyed the background reading.

🥀: I need to spread out my work more.

🌱: I am going to do my best to research ahead of time.

What advice or feedback do you have for the Sora team?


Was there anything particularly cumbersome or challenging this go-around? Any ideas to make projects run smoother for new students?

I have no particular feedback to give.

Checkpoint 5: Review

This checkpoint is being reviewed by [enter name of QR partner here].

asked for feedback and iterated based upon feedback
included final work product
explained how you applied the Sora Skills
completed the rest of reflection project page

Faculty Review

This checkpoint is being reviewed by Jasmine

📚 Content Feedback:

  • I saw that you had a bunch of exciting ideas that you generated initially, but you were good about sticking to your guiding question. You also set some great goals about what you wanted to learn and set deadlines for yourself.
    • Thanks for filling out the entirety of the Project Launch page! It gave me some insight into your thought and planning process, and I can also level up your Time Management skill!
  • I know this is an informative essay, but your prefacing 2nd paragraph about the format of your essay's paragraphs actually made me wonder what did you think were the most impactful events? (even though you didn't necessarily organize your essay that way)
  • Your essay was clear and well-structured with an introduction, conclusion, and understandable paragraphs that followed the topic. I can see how you synthesized the information from your sources into your own words
  • Saw that you included a Works Cited page, so I can level your Citing Sources skill as well!
  • I'm curious what you think would be a better medium to talk about this topic?
  • Did anyone review your project before turning it in? I caught a few grammar errors, specifically a handful of run-on sentences

✨Further Learning:

  • It sounds like you've really enjoyed learning about history, and have some interest in what led to wars, or what constitutes an advantageous battlefield. I'm sure if you check in with Michael you could also discuss other topics to level up more Social Studies skills!

☑️ Action Items:

  • I think there could be a little bit of room for improvement when it comes to your Concise Writing skill. Mainly I would like to see you catch a few of your run-on sentences and break them down.