Final Product + Reflection

Checkpoint 2:

Share your final work product below:

Show us pictures, presentations, or anything else you made for this project!

What did you learn about yourself from this project?

Did you spark a new interest? Perhaps you realized that you didn't like this field after all. Just tell us what you discovered about yourself through this project!

It's good to know how many other people go through the same pain with grief. Understanding feelings that make us feel so out of control is really interesting and important.

What did you learn academically from this project?

Take the skills you aligned to this project and show us how you applied them. Was there anything else you learned along the way?

Skills Leveled-Up

Skill NameWhy
Skill 1 - User Interface/Experience Design
Designed a website, considering how a person dealing with grief would feel when using it.
Skill 2 - Emotional Intelligence
Better understand how to approach someone on the topic of grief without overwhelming them. Understanding other perspectives....
Skill 3 - Research
Found a variety of new resources
Skill 4 - Sourcing and Integration
Skill 5 - Concise Writing
pages about the body and mind are informative but not super long

What advice would you give to someone starting a similar project?

Was there a particularly helpful book, website, or resource? Or, perhaps you realized the scope of the project was too large because of an unforeseen constraint. Whatever the advice, give it here!

"The Body Keeps Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma" is a really great book full of information. You definitely find a specific aspect of grief to focus, there is so much information on the effects of grief.

Rose, Bud, Thorn.

🌹What did you enjoy most about this project? 🥀What didn't go well in this project? 🌱What will you do differently next time?

🌹: I really enjoyed all the new resources I found, especially reading "The Body Keeps Score".

🥀: Again I procrastinated and didn't add as much new content to my website as I wanted.

🌱: I need a better plan for what I want to do and actually stick to it. When I have so many ideas it's hard to stick to one.

What advice or feedback do you have for the Sora team?

Was there anything particularly cumbersome or challenging this go-around? Any ideas to make projects run smoother for new students?

Maybe at least one mandatory meeting to organize my project ideas and develop a plan i can stick to.

Checkpoint 5: Review

This checkpoint is being reviewed by [Ella].

asked for feedback and iterated based upon feedback
included final work product
explained how you applied the Sora Skills
completed the rest of reflection project page

Faculty Review

Reviewer: Jasmine

📚 Content Feedback:

  • I can tell this is a topic you hold very close to your heart, and appreciated how vulnerable and real you were with your audience in sharing your personal story, and empathizing where they may be at.
  • You set out to educate your audience on the journey of dealing with grief, and tackled how it affects both the mind and the body. Your website shows that you’ve done a lot of research in understanding grief and how it can affect an individual.
    • If you were to continue expanding this website, a good addition would be to research/share tools you learned to deal with and manage grief.
  • Your UI for your website - through your images and color choice gives very relaxing, peaceful, and calming vibes
  • You used visuals and used sections to chunk and break up text and improve readability
  • I could tell you used multiple sources through your quotes in your slideshow section. Although for UX, it can be disconcerting/confusing when a user is clicking a button and it leads away from your website
  • I would suggest to remove the “Blog” button from top navigation, until you write relevant blog posts
  • I also noticed there were still some buttons in the Resources page that needed links/relevant pictures.

✨Further Learning:

💻 UX

  • Something that may be interesting to do, is sharing your website with users who fall into your intended audience, and see what they think/feel after navigating through your website
  • You have 5 different types of buttons on the front page, for UX you would want to have a general consistency between your buttons, so the user doesn’t get confused
  • Something to explore and keep in mind: “UX copy must provide a choice and move users towards a decision.”

☑️ Action Items:

  • Create a section in your site for tools for managing grief/stress, and you’ll level up in Stress Management - takeaway from each of these sources
  • Starting the blog
  • User testing - with 5 people
  • Set up a 1:1 with Jasmine to talk through Further Learning