Advisor Feedback


This page is to be filled out by an Advisor Reviewer.

📚 Content Feedback:

  • Improve your guiding question. Right now, your guiding question takes the form of something that can be Googled and doesn't require any further research or contextualization by you. In order to form a solid guiding question, you usually have to do some preliminary research (which would include what the general definition of global warming is) and then narrow down to a much more narrow question that does not have a straightforward answer. You should check out the resource linked to the Guiding Question prompt in Notion for more info and examples.
  • You did a great job speaking directly to the reader at several points in your essay and really pushing them to to make a change in their life.
  • I liked your use of the domino effect metaphor, although I think that it could be more powerful with a bit more explanation of how it functions in the context of global warming.
  • For specific feedback on your essay, please see the comments I left.

✨Further Learning:

  • Check out this resource on the rules of capitalization. Very generally, you primarily capitalize the first word of every sentence and proper nouns.
  • Basic Grammar and Punctuation rules.
  • Check out this resource on MLA citation guidelines. It's awesome that you included a "Works Cited" page, but in order to know which information is from which source it's important to include in-text citations as well.

☑️ Action Items:

to be completed and shared back with advisor by xx/xx/xxxx

  • Complete edits based on my (Ailsa's) suggestions and schedule a time to meet to go over your edits by 02/09/2021.
  • Read through and take notes on both the Grammar and Punctuation sections here. After reviewing these, please take the self-quizzes and turn in evidence of completion to me by 02/10/2021.