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Sora Students are Creators.

See how successful students bring their ideas to life. ✨

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calisthenics workout machine(educational cycle)
Smartphone repair and hardware
Arduino car
City Design
Solid-Fuel Gas Turbine
Solid-Fuel Gas Turbine
Perspective Art
photography & photo editing
Designing a school
Designing a school
Health Sciences
ATP: Glycolysis and Hydrolysis

How Projects Work

The project cycle lasts 4 weeks. Every project is an opportunity to explore an interest or passion while applying relevant Sora Skills. The suggested pacing for a project cycle takes you through the creative process. Project deliverables are always shared on the 3rd Friday of the cycle. The final week is for reflection while faculty review and share feedback.

Project Plan 📋

  • The questions in notion probe you to think about your development.
  • Your project plan is there to guide you with "what's next".

Early Feedback 🌱

  • Seek feedback early and often.
  • Learning hubs, experts, and mentors are all excellent places to go for feedback.

Project Cycle


Project Management 👷🏽

  • QR Partners provide accountability and quality assurance.
  • While there is suggested pacing below, you are ultimately responsible for timely delivery.

Skill Tagging 🏋️‍♂️

  • Bring more transparency to the application of skills.
  • Attend office hours to determine what skills might align to your unique project.